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In order to file for divorce with Cook & Cook, you or your spouse must have resided in Texas for 6 months+ and have lived in one particular county for 90 days. Please make sure you list this county correctly! (If you live in Texas, but your spouse lives out of state, that is OKAY with us! It is the same easy process).

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Read what is included and more about the prices at this page: https://partasfriends.com/divorce-options/

On the $1,500 part as friends divorce, we always offer to start the case for a down payment of $950. We invoice the remainder in 30 days. Do you prefer to start with $950?

The following optional services will add these fixed costs to the case: a) $300 per property; b) $300 for Writ of Withholding Issued to Spouse's Employer; c) $600 per business to be divided in divorce; d) $600 per investment/retirement account to be divided in divorce; e) $500 if there are any children under 18; f) $1000 if there are Child Support Orders currently in place that will be changed; g) $300 for alimony or spousal maintenance provisions.

These are fees that you can decide on later, after your lawyer goes over your best options.
These are fees that you can decide on later, after your lawyer goes over your best options.
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Remember, we will send you an invoice for the remaining funds, 30 days after your first payment. Satisfaction Guarantee: Certain Conditions May Apply. Cook & Cook Law Firm, PLLC guarantees that you will be satisfied with its uncontested Divorce customer service to its clients. However, in the event that Cook & Cook investigates a case and determines that it cannot accept the case for any reason, a refund will be issued to client, which will be deducted by the cost of any filing fees, credit card fees and service fees. In order to request a refund based on this guarantee, client must do so within 30 days after hiring the Cook & Cook Law Firm. This particular guarantee of service satisfaction, is offered only to clients ordering the divorce using the above form, online submission. Refunds will not be issued to clients who submit this form and later determine that they do not have an uncontested or agreed divorce. This guarantee does not promise any particular outcome in your case as such would be against the legal professional rules of responsibility in accordance with the Texas State Bar. Guarantee offered starting on December 10th, 2014 to clients hiring the Cook & Cook Law Firm on or after December 10th, 2014
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